Thousand Oaks, CA – August 2017…Williams, a leader in versatile, cost-conscious digital pianos, unveiled several gorgeous new finishes for its Overture 2, Rhapsody 2, and Symphony Grand digital pianos. The new styles are available immediately.

Rhapsody in Ebony

Williams Rhapsody 2 PianoThe ultra-affordable Williams Rhapsody 2 88-key digital console piano has been available in a PVC wood-like finish; now you can get it in luxurious ebony gloss as well. This versatile instrument delivers 12 high-definition sounds (32 MB of sample ROM), including a dark grand piano for classical performances and a brighter instrument for rock and pop. Add a transpose function and Sustain and Sostenuto pedals, and you have an incredibly expressive instrument that is a delight to play and hear. Rhapsody 2’s built-in stereo sound system provides immersive sound for a rich musical experience.

Overture, Dim the Lights

Williams Overture 2 PianoPreviously offered in a classic ebony gloss finish, Williams’ Overture 2 88-key digital console piano is now available with an equally stunning red mahogany gloss finish, as well. Overture 2 offers many features not normally found in its price class. A four-speaker stereo sound system provides an immersive musical experience with rich detail. You get a generous sound library with 15 high-definition custom sounds (64 MB), plus a complete General MIDI sound set. The instrument sports Sustain and Sostenuto pedals, as well as a Soft pedal, as found on acoustic grand pianos. Its Duet keyboard mode is great for teachers and students, as well as for performing duets for an audience.

In addition to the USB/MIDI connection for recording and control, a USB Host Port can play MIDI files from a thumb drive and a built-in, two-track recorder. Overture 2 also includes Song Tutor with 50 play-a-long songs. A metronome, music rest, audio inputs, two headphone outputs, and 1Ž4″ stereo out jacks complete the package.

A 21st Century Symphony

Williams Symphony Grand PianoA thoroughly modern instrument with classic styling, Williams’ micro-grand-style, 88-key, graded hammer-action Symphony Grand digital piano was previous offered in ebony and now is also available in elegant red mahogany. An outstanding instrument that will delight players at all levels, the Symphony Grand features a keybed with authentic response and playability and boasts 174 voices (192 MB of ROM samples) and 128-voice polyphony. You get Sustain, Sostenuto, and Soft pedals, as well as piano effects such as adjustable pedal noise, key noise and a sustain layer that reproduces sympathetic resonance. A Mod/FX feature delivers authentic rotary effects on organs and vibrato on electric pianos. Its six-speaker stereo sound system ensures every note sounds rich and clear.

Connections include Bluetooth® audio input, USB/MIDI for recording and control, and a USB Host port that plays MIDI files from a USB thumb drive. You also get a built-in two-track recorder, MIDI I/O, stereo 1Ž4-inch and RCA audio inputs and outputs, and a headphone jack. The Symphony Grand includes 120 Style Arranger songs in various genres for real-time playback, as well as a Song Tutor that teaches an assortment of classical, rock, and blues songs.

Available Now at and Musician’s Friend

With their combination of visual beauty, including a choice of finishes; high-quality construction; outstanding sounds; and impressive features, the Williams Rhapsody 2, Overture 2, and Symphony Grand are great choices for music students, home performance, churches, schools, and more. At street prices of $599.99 for the Rhapsody 2 in Ebony Glass, $799.99 for Overture 2 in Red Mahogany, and $1,599.99 for the Symphony Grand in Red Mahogany, all are terrific values. They’re available exclusively from Musician’s Friend and