Finding a great piano that can sound good for classical, jazz, rock and pop music is tricky. After a lot of research we found the right instrument. A 10 foot, 2 inch Italian grand piano that is used in studios and on tour by world-class musicians you’d know by name. The piano sounded amazing from soft, pianissimo to full forte dynamics and offered a complete, complex tone that could make any pianist agree … this is an outstanding instrument.

We recorded it in an exceptional room with up to 12 microphones to capture every nuance of its sound from the internal harp to the vibrations coming off the cabinet. All recorded with high-end microphones and preamps to capture the tone and character of the piano.

Well known examples of grand pianos compositions include every genre and style imaginable. Pianos are mainstays in classical, jazz, rock, pop, R&B and virtually every other possible style of music.


Concert Grand Piano
Concert Grand Piano