The Symphony Grand II is the newest, state-of-the-art digital grand piano from Williams. Its detailed sounds, 8-speaker sound system and responsive keyboard are all housed in a beautiful, elegant grand piano design that was built from the ground up to complement any décor.


Merging the latest digital technology with a classic piano look, the Symphony Grand II commands your attention from anywhere in the room.


Grand Sound and Feel

Williams worked with Fatar™, the world’s premiere brand of keybeds, to create a great-feeling keyboard that responds to your dynamic performance.

This hammer-action weighted response gives players the feel of a real piano, it also reacts to fast playing and volume shifts when performing other instruments.

Fatar Grand Touch

The 8-speaker sound system on the Symphony Grand II fills any room with beautiful music.

Two subwoofers in ported speaker boxes provide solid bass, while additional speakers project sound from under the lid, just like a real piano.

Two sets of headphone outputs are also provided for private practice sessions.

2 Front Panel Speakers
Williams Symphony Grand II Back View
2 Tweeters and 2 Midrange Speakers
2 Downfiring Subwoofers

Unmatched Piano Realism

The Symphony Grand II has up to 64 times larger sound memory than similar digital grand pianos. This means more lifelike piano sounds than any you’ve heard before from a digital instrument. For example, similar pianos record a short piece of a piano note, then loop that over and over as the note decays.

The Symphony Grand II recorded almost every note of a grand piano for its full duration, then recorded again and again at quieter and louder dynamics.

The result is the natural sound of a concert grand piano, which moves and evolves as you hold down a chord.

Looped Sample

Other keyboard manufacturers record only a small sliver of the note, and then repeat it at lower volumes across time, resulting in sterile, artificial sound.

Williams Whole Note Technology

Williams records the entire note, from initial attack to final decay, providing a full and rich sound experience across the entire spectrum.

The first note is a traditional looped sample, the second uses our Whole Note Technology to play the entire sample.

In addition to its incredible grand piano sound, the Symphony Grand II includes organs, keyboards, guitars, basses, strings, drums, and much more. It includes effects like reverb, chorus, rotating speaker, phaser, and distortion to make each instrument as authentic as possible. And its 256-note polyphony means you won’t run out of notes when playing busy passages.

Interactive Tools Teach You to Play

Above each key on the Symphony Grand II is a multi-color key light, designed for use with educational software like the included Skoove LE software.

The Symphony Grand II is compatible with hundreds of apps for Mac, Windows, and iOS over USB or Wireless MIDI.

Williams Symphony Grand II with Lights

Connect to the Skoove LE app using USB or Wireless Bluetooth, and follow along as the software guides you through 100 free lessons.

Learn at your own pace, or contact piano instructors through the app for help. Lights above the keyboard follow your performance, highlighting mistakes to reinforce learning.

Built into the piano are an additional 50 Song Tutor songs. Play along with these classical works using the sheet music below while following the key lights. The left or right hand part can be disabled so you can concentrate on one part of the music at a time while the piano performs the other part.

Accompaniment Styles Pack a Band
Inside Your Piano

To turn your playing into a complete music production, 180 accompaniment styles follow your performance. Far from the boring foxtrot on old keyboards, it includes Rock, Blues, R&B, and other accompaniment styles.

Dedicated keys allow you to add fills, move to a B-section, or add a big ending. The styles follow any chord change and the 4.3” LCD display makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. With a full band of drums, bass, guitar, and an orchestra of instruments behind you, the Symphony Grand II brings you to center stage.

For entertaining between performances, the USB input on the main panel plays a USB stick full of General MIDI files, each part displayed with different colored key lights.


Large, 2GB sound library of 172 realistic sounds including keyboard, brass, strings, percussion and more

Stereo grand piano sample with six velocity layers, recorded for the natural duration of each note for unmatched, realistic sounds as well as multiple dynamics

Huge 256-note polyphony for virtuoso playing and complex arrangements

88-Note, Fatar™ piano-weighted keybed for superior and nuanced playability

Advanced, multiple-color keyboard LEDs, ideal for educational software

Bluetooth® wireless audio and USB audio for music playback

Bluetooth wireless MIDI connects to computers, tablets or phones

USB device and host connections for MIDI playback and DAW setups

Easy-to-read 4.3” color LCD for quick and easy playing and option selections

180 Accompaniment styles with drums and backing tracks

Reverb, Chorus and Modulation FX effect processors includes Rotary, Phaser, and Tremolo

Eight-Speaker sound system for multi-dimensional, room-filling sound

Convenient two-headphone output to accommodate another player or instructor

Matching padded piano bench included

Includes Skoove LE interactive piano software which works with the key lights to help you learn to play


• 100W, 8-Speaker sound system
• Stereo 1/8" Aux input
• Dual Stereo 1/8" headphone outputs
• Stereo 1/4" unbalanced line outputs
• MIDI 5-pin Output
• USB interface for MIDI in/out and stereo audio out to computers and tablets
• USB host jack for flash drive MIDI files
• Dimensions: W55" x H36.5" x D37.8"
• Weight: 225 lbs.


Symphony Grand II Reference Manual

Song Tutor Book – Etudes

Song Tutor Book – Medium

Song Tutor Book – Advanced

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