The Williams Overture 2 redefines digital piano elegance, complete with a classic, luxurious Ebony or Red Mahogany gloss finish, a wide sound palette, and extraordinary feel. The Overture 2 is built on 15 quick-to-grab custom-crafted, high-resolution sounds as well as plenty of other instruments from brass to percussion and beyond. Enjoy completely unique tones, sampled directly from a world-renown grand, plus a collection of many vintage electric pianos and organs.

It also boasts a convenient, full General MIDI sound set. The all-new, fully weighted, hammer-action keybed provides a higher standard in realistic response and feel. Modulation/FX control provides realistic rotary and vibrato effects on select instruments. The Williams Overture 2 also includes Song Tutor with 50 play-a-long songs, audio inputs, USB/MIDI port, and a USB Host Port that plays MIDI files from a thumb drive. Other features include split/layer/duet keyboard modes, transpose function, 2-track recorder, metronome, two headphone outs and ¼” stereo out jacks.

Williams Overture 2




• Best-in-class Ebony or Red Mahogany gloss finish for an elegant look with any decor
• 88 hammer-action fully weighted keys provides outstanding feel and response
• 147 total sounds, including 15 high-definition custom sounds; 64Mbyte sample ROM for higher-sampled sounds: Grand Piano, Electric Pianos, Organs, Pipe Organ, Clavinet, Harpsichord, Upright Bass, Electric Bass, Strings
• Complete General MIDI set for accompaniment, total 128 playable sounds
• Sustain, Soft, and Sostenuto pedals for realistic playability
• 64-voice polyphony for deep, layered orchestrations
• Modulation/FX control offers realistic rotary and vibrato effects on select instruments
• 4-speaker stereo system provides rich, immersive sound
• Intuitive control panel with easy-to-read blue LCD display
• Front panel USB Host Port for thumb-drive MIDI playback
• USB/MIDI connection, MP3 input, stereo outputs with 1Ž4” and RCA jacks
• Headphone output for private practice
• Music rest
• 5 free songs with McCarthy Music educational software


Music books to use with the Song Tutor mode on the Overture 2

There are 3 sections based on difficulty. Advanced, Medium and Etudes.
The songs in the Williams Overture Song Tutor mode are designed to help teach you several well-known Classical pieces. There are also some keyboard exercises to help you develop sight reading and left hand independence. With the Right and Left hand buttons on the Overture 2 you can mute a part so that you can play it directly on the keyboard yourself. The first 10 songs on the Overture 2 are the most difficult pieces to learn. If you are a new piano student we recommend starting the Etudes first to practice sight reading and hand independence.

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